Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Koimoi being the Bollywood junction, we often receive letters from our readers writing to us about their favorite stars. This time our reader who is an ardent Salman Khan fan has written to us about the actor and his traits. Salman Khan being a superstar has a crazy fan following and our reader has exactly told us what is so special about this persona.

When I was a guy stepping into adolescence from my childhood days back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s all I had on my mind was to look like Salman Khan. For the man was blessed with looks worth dying for and when you are an adolescent just getting acquainted with the outer world, the first thing that you want to have is killer looks as we all believe in the adage: first impression is the last impression. So, in order to make a fantastic first impression as adolescents, we think that the looks are the most essential pre-requisite. Those were the days when I along with millions and billions of other hardcore bhaijaan fans or I should say fanatics had the reason to love our favourite superstar.

It has been a monumental 26 years in the industry and still he continues to woo all his fans with whatever he does. Salman Khan is a name that every commoner can relate with. As people say he is the ‘God of the Masses’ but stating that would mean putting a limit to his reach and his appeal which I believe is not the case.

He is one actor who has been the biggest trendsetter in the history of Indian cinema. Be it taking off his shirts and flaunting his torso in front of the camera to wearing torn jeans to the Radhe Haircut that was and is still in vogue to name a few. Not only his presentation in front of the lens but his dancing style and steps have been a hit among one and all. Till date his dance steps make a billion people go crazy and some of his steps have been immortalized like the Towel step in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

Agreed his good friend Aamir Khan was the founder of 100 and 200 crores club in Bollywood, but it’s Salman Khan who carried the baton and gave industry the new yardsticks for gauging the commercial success of any movie and now courtesy Salman Khan and his movies every movie goer wants to know about the business of the movie.

Now shifting our focus to Salman Khan as an actor. People have criticized him time and again for not being able to act but deep down I feel he is one actor who has experimented with all kinds of genres and has come out with flying colours every single time. Be it the lover boy in Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun or the action star in Dabanng and Ek Tha Tiger to being the comedian in Andaaz Apna Apna, Partner, Mujhe Shaadi Karogi etc etc. He is one actor who has excelled in all kinds of roles and not only excelled rather immortalized those characters for us. His stint in the film industry has not exactly been a dream run or I would say it has been the stark opposite.

His career till now has been a roller-coaster ride full of ups and downs but neither has he gotten carried away during the days of success nor has he been disheartened by the days of slump. He has always been a fighter who has very valiantly grappled with all the lows and negativities in his life. He has fought his way through and he continues to do the same till date and always gives his fans a reason to smile and love him all the more.

The industry has seen many superstars and will continue to witness many superstars but there are a select few superstars who have really shaped the emotions of a nation and have had a connect with the audience at a very personal level and I state this with pride that Salman Khan is one of those superstars. With the craze that he generates, the fan following he enjoys, the connection he has with all his fans and the trendsetter that he continues to be all I can say is that Salman Khan is the biggest superstar of Indian cinema right now and probably next only to Big B when it comes to being a superstar. He is the man that sets the bar and people try to reach upto that level.

For those who don’t like this gem of a soul all I can say is, you may love him or you may hate but for sure you can’t ignore him.

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