Bollywood’s Salman Khan or should we say Blockbuster Khan has always been a trendsetter from his early days! Right from his cuts on the arms to his signature Feroza bracelet, fans try to copy their idol and how! With every film of his, Salman has something new to offer to his fans. Whenever we roam around the Galaxy Apartment, we get to see at least one lookalike of Salman! Ye pyaar nahi toh aur kya hai? *blush blush*

We have collated some of Salman’s unique and crazy styles which his fans have always been worshipping of! Have a look:

1. Salman’s Cut On His Arms!

If you are a true die-hard fan of Salman Khan like me, you guys must be aware of his cuts on the arms. Bieceps of Salman Khan have been goals for many. many his other trends, even the cuts have been one of the major style statements which is quite popular amongst the fans. Let me clear this that I am not glorifying it or being preachy, but his fans are insane and crazy about it. I have personally come across a few people who have cut their arms just like Salman to show their love for him. It sounds really scary but…

2. Bhai Ka Hatke Haircut!

Bhai ka swag aur style is just killer! His look in Tere Naam went viral amongst everyone. Salman’s long haired street-smart look was the ultimate one. Not only his performance was praised but also his hairstyle created a rage in his fans. Not that I transformed myself like Radhe Mohan but yes, I did like him in the film!

3. ‘THE BRACELET’ of Salman!

Like we can’t stay without our mobile phones today, Salman Khan can’t stay without his feroza bracelet. Not only in his real life but even in his reel life, Salman’s feroza bracelet has always accompanied him. Just like him, we have seen his fans too wearing the bracelet. PS: Even I have one :P

4. The Dabangg Sunglass Trend!

Apart from his easy to learn dance moves, his trends have been the most popular amongst all the age groups. His Dabangg hook step and the way he puts his sunglasses on the back, everyone started copying it and how! One of the reasons why every age group loves him is because he has a universal appeal

5. Bhai Ki Body!

Kya Body, kya Abs, kya Biceps, kya Triceps… these are few things that come in our mind when we see a shirtless Salman on the big screen. Salman shirtless= BLOCKBUSTER film! The film can never end without whistles and hooting. Salman’s body has been the body goals for all his fans. It was for me too but I love fooooooood!

So if you have done any of this in your lifetime for Salman Khan, do share your stories and let us know in the comments section below!

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