After Dabangg, Salman Khan almost had it all: an unbelievable box office opening, a role loved by the masses and his name on everybody’s lips. Almost. Then came his ill-fated comment about the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Suddenly, Salman found himself at the receiving end of a lot of criticism. Seemingly dejected, in the wee hours of 13th September, Salman Khan announced on his Twitter account that he was contemplating quitting the micro-blogging site because he “messed up”.

Previously, in an interview on a Pakistani channel, Salman had commented that there was too much hype around the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai mainly because it was the elite who had been targeted in the attacks. After the comment received undue attention from the media, and criticism from political parties, the ‘Dabangg’ star’s father, Salim Khan, was quick to issue an apology on the actor’s behalf, but that wasn’t enough.

Salman, who describes himself as a ‘film actor, artist, painter, humanitarian’ on Twitter, clarified, “Every human life has equal value and any act of terror, anywhere in the world is unpardonable. Be it 9/11 or 26/11.” He has even resolved to record all his interviews from now on, adding that the reactions to his statement had deeply hurt his family. “Hurt very hurt, yeh kya? Straight through my heart. My mum and dad yaar, my brothers & my sisters. My family had to go through torture on Eid and Ganesh Utsav,” Salman tweeted.

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Looks like Salman Khan has taken it to heart this time. After being extremely media friendly for the marketing and promotion of ‘Dabangg’, the star seems to have had enough. “Looks like I might have to get off Twitter. Don’t want to but what to do? I think I messed up, so sorry guys, sorry bolne mein koi sharam nahi (There’s no shame in apologizing).”

This announcement will come as a huge disappointment for Salman‘s four lakh followers on Twitter, and also his many more fans. Let us know what you think about the issue in the poll below.

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