Good wishes are always welcome and at the time of release of a film, everyone associated with the film becomes extra-particular in ensuring that good wishes come his/her way. If that be so, Salman Khan must have received thousands of good wishes and duas on the eve of release of his Ready.

Salman Khan Screens Ready For NGOs Instead Of Paid Previews

For, rather than holding paid previews of his eagerly awaited starrer, the hero with a golden heart booked special shows at some cinemas of Bombay on Thursday (June 2) for some NGOs. He distributed tickets free of cost to the NGOs and the young and the old alike, owing allegiance to those NGOs, got a chance to see a new film a day before the rest of the world got to see it. Imagine the joy this must’ve brought to those who were lucky enough to watch it on Thursday. And imagine the heartfelt wishes that must’ve come Salman’s way from the pre-release audience!

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