Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Bollywood Superstar Dabanng Khan has come out in defense of actress Sana Khan. Sana who has been accused of kidnapping a 15 year old girl apparently has been on the run ever since Mumbai police framed her under charges of attempted kidnapping.

Sana, who first met Salman on the sets of Big Boss 6 has bagged a role in his upcoming film Mental.

Salman Khan took to twitter in order to defend Sana. He wrote, “Poor sana, so sad. First let her become famous, then try and get some publicity from her. This is the problem – chappo anything galat bhi ho toh (publish anything even if it is wrong).Why would a girl kidnap a 15-year-old? FOr money? To get her married, at 4 p.m. in a populated area? Investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai yaar (It’s amazing).”

Salman went on to add, “Obviously those people must have some ulterior motives. Worked with her on ‘Bigg Boss’, you have seen her for three months every day. What do you think?”

Salman extremely protective of Sana totally stood up for her. The actress who has been absconding due to the charges, is expected to apply for bail in her case soon.

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