Salman Khan & Being Human are most trusted brands in India according to a report by Trust Research Advisory
Salman Khan & Being Human are most trusted brands in India according to a report by Trust Research Advisory

Salman Khan is the most trusted cinema personality in India, leaving behind Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

According to a research report titled ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2012’, Salman Khan, who delivered two box-office hits – Ready and Bodyguard – last year, has been voted as the Most Trusted Cinema Personality in India. The Bollywood actor has also ranked third in the overall personalities list, only after social activist Anna Hazare and cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

The report, released by Trust Research Advisory (TRA) on January 16 in Mumbai, is designed to select India’s Most Trusted Brands for various categories.

In the Most Trusted Cinema Personalities list, Salman is followed by Amitabh Bachchan, who ranks second (Amitabh is fourth in the overall personalities list). Bachchan is closely followed by Aamir Khan, who ranks third among cinema personalities and fifth among overall personalities. The other Bachchan who features on the list is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who is ranked fourth in cinema personalities.

No list can be complete without Rajnikanth, who features as the fifth Most Trusted Cinema Personality in India. The southern superstar is followed by veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar and actor Shah Rukh Khan at the sixth and seventh places respectively.

Salman Khan’s Being Human Most Trusted In Social Sector

Interestingly, Salman Khan’s charity ‘Being Human’ is also ranked first among a list of organisations in the Social Sector list.

When asked if Being Human had topped its category only because of brand Salman, CEO of Trust Research Advisory, Mr. N. Chadramouli, told, “I think both brands contributed to each other. Last year Salman was not there (on the list). Being Human brought him into focus, with every second person wearing a Being Human T-shirt. On the flip side, Being Human needs a personality like Salman Khan to bring it forth. There is a mutual synergy between the two brands.”

Star Endorsements: Not Effective Enough?

Sachin Bhosle, research head of TRA, clarified that there has been no connection of box-office success of an actor’s films with the survey and the list was purely about the recall value and positivity associated with the stars.

He added that there was no major impact on any consumer brand only because of a particular star’s endorsement. “Even though brands spend crores of rupees on getting endorsements by stars, yet brands might not be trusted in spite of the stars endorsing the brands being trusted by the public,” he said.

The basis for the report was a primary research conducted by TRA across 2,718 respondents in 15 Indian cities.

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  1. amitabh is at no 2 for what delivering 5 disasters in a row by this its easy to judge the credibility of this research…srk and amir both have even not deliver more than two flops from last 10 years and not trusted more than salman who gives more than 20 flops in the same time frame good infact very good…my dear there r too many researches done by several sources in daily bases but this research is nesessary for komal to publish because he was in clear agenda of defaming king khan

  2. hello hello hello…..this is not a wrong number….this is SALLU BHAI fan speaking….when SALLU BHAIs fans speak other should listen else you wont know from where u are speaking and where u r f…..g…hahaha…

    • if you have power vote SRK and prove he is not GAY……I dont think you SRK fans can prove it because u r all chakkas……only trying to degrade other STARS……be a man…

      • the prouve he is married ,has 2children !!all the actress want to be romanced by him as they said !!!!when salman is still single that mean he is gay or his ……..dont work well!!!you know what i mean ???so prouve salman is the opposite of that

      • if you have power to prove salman is not chakka then prove. but i can prove salman is chakka right here rigth now 1) he is 46 still not marriage.2, all beautiful girls are dumped him bcz they knew he is chakka he cant do any thing. chuitye itni achchi aur beautfiul ladkiya ussey chod k nahi jaati salman ne kisi ko dumped nahi kiya sab ladkiyan ko dumped ki

  3. I live in USA most of my life. I enjoyed the movies Bodygurd, Tere Naam and many more. I get disgusted seeing Salman not even nominated for the screen award, who are responsible for these criminal act not to nominate the superstar, the naive character is remarkable. Oviously, Salman is the most trusted actor due to his genuine humaneterian work. SRK is the richest actor, SRK only knows how to be rich while stealing Salman’s award.

  4. its too funny to go through the research of the worst actors becomes the most trusted brand,cant stop laughing dear,that too ahead of srk,amir and big this site sponsored by salman?it sounds like a sallu fan site,simply losing its credibility day by day

  5. sallu?? trustworthy?? the criminal who shot blackbucks and killed humans due to drunk driving..
    Who has beaten his girlfriends in public places… who probably is a very intresting personality but isnt a great example of ‘being human’. i dont have a problem if this article is false but if its true reports then it surely says a lot about the sad state of mentality of the people surveyed in the research.

  6. Hah hah, it’s actually a brand report ” joke “.
    Salaman voted in personality category? Votes may only be held in his family. Pleasle komal we had enough of these shit reports. Post some good jokes instead of these.

  7. What’s wroong with Indian public? Does anybody remember Mera naam joker, Anand, sholay and other classics? These are the movies produced when Bollywood was just a kid.After 30-40 years, bollywood should have been matured & indian audiece should get a chance to watch classics every now & then.

    But, what people get to see? Bodyguard, ready Dabaang? Somebody producing & directing them is understood? Non-performers are always there. But, how can indian audience pool make them blockbusters? Who, once used to like Anand, how he can like Ready???

    Surprises me a lot. While Aamir khan tries to take Bollywood to it’s next level, films like Ra one collecting more than 150 crores puts me in doubt whether bollywood will ever mature.

  8. How sad we malign salman make srk a god yet he has affairs oside marriage the one who malign salman about being single did u go to bed w him that u know he cant perform it is better to be single than live in a house w cantankerous woman why do u thnk srk has oside affairs his mannerism is more gay than any actor in bwood no sex appeal his nose looks like volcano crater his mouth is as big as the mouth of river and if he fell he can flap his ears would stop him from falling

  9. U know indian are the biggest hyprocrites in the world u believe every word media writes about srk and disbelieves everything written about salman who says what is written about srk is true if he was truly a king would not even the little ones want to meet w him as they dying why salman and not him are these dying little one liars as well are the faking what is it thats so precious and dear about salman that they want to meet him before God takes them home do u have the guts to face these kids and ask why


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