The launch of Raunaq, a musical collaboration between A.R Rahman and Union Minister Kapil Sibal yesterday left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth after Salman Khan’s snide comments on Rahman came to light.


The actor who is known for his satirical vein of talking went slightly overboard at the event. According to a Bollywood source present at Taj Land’s End Bandra yesterday, Salman shocked the audiences when he called Rahman an ‘average’ artist. While the Oscar winning composer was jaw-dropped at this remark, he refused to react. If this was any less, the actor went on to state that the only connection between them is ‘Jai Ho‘.

A R Rehman,Salman Khan and Union Minister Kapil Sibal
A R Rehman,Salman Khan and Union Minister Kapil Sibal

But Salman, should we remind you that the title ‘Jai Ho‘ which was originally reserved by Rahman for a project he had in his mind was gracefully given to Sohail Khan after he approached the composer for his film.

Such antics are Salman’s signature ofcouse. The actor after realizing his word vomit was a little out of humor, tried to mend fences by offering a handshake which Rahman did not reciprocate to but surely maintained his cheery smile.

Well, Salman after that, Rahman may definitely think twice before working with you!

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  1. He couldn’t even do a hit with his last film at the box-office and he criticizes a musical genius ?? Sallu lallu, you’re a pathetic looser, but that doesn’t mean that the others are like you !

  2. Please read the full statement and in context. Salman and A R Rehman were joking with one another this article is just taking a little portion and making a big thing out of it. As for those bashing salman this is just the type of rubbish article that these sad people look for to have a go without actually reading the facts.

    • Agree. Anti salman people claim to be educated yet they don’t educate themselves and believe what is written by trashy media.

  3. Chicchhora Dont even know what to talk asal mein kya hai YEH Salman apni ouqaat se baahir aagaya hai Is ne khuwaab mein bi aisa stardom nhn socha hoga jo isse mila hai Iss ki ouqaat nhn thi na is liye he is brainless Drunk.. Hate this guy. Dikhaane ki charity karta hai sallu saala


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