With the rapid growth of the Indian Film Industry, also growing rapidly alongside is the monopolistic trend of the Superstars. The biggest holidays for the next three years have already been booked by Shah Rukh, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan, which makes any independent, non-A lister actor impossible to compete with all consuming ways.

While there is everything wrong with this trend of grabbing 5000 screens all to their films, Saif Ali Khan doesn’t find anything wrong with this scheme of affairs. He thinks stars in position have every right to unleash their stardom to their advantage. Saif said in an interview to Koimoi, “​I think their monopoly is good for them. Stars in position will use that to their ​benefit. They are big stars, people want to see their films. Then why not see that on a holiday. It’s a fair market, a democratic profession. People are given what they want. On a holiday, they would prefer a Salman film over art film. Everyone would like to release their film on a holiday because the collections are so ridiculously higher. In my 22 years, I have only had Race 2 that was a holiday release and it opened massive. The top guys will take the slot, it won’t always be fair.”

Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan
Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan

Saif’s arithmetic works differently. He explained his understanding and said, “What 70 crores to 80 crores for my kind of films means is that it opened well but people haven’t liked the film. 100 means opened well and been liked. 200 means Opened well​ and is being watched alot. 70-80 doesn’t mean I am doing well. It means it opened well, did well but didn’t have repeat audience. Like Cocktail. You have to watch a film atleast 3 times to make it a 100. It’s a function of the script. Even a Kahaani can make a lot of money. The word of mouth publicity works and people have to like the movie. We all suffer from weak scripts ultimately. I hope we open well with Happy Ending. Double figures will be good. 12 might be too high. What else do you need to open well? We have a great trailer, good music, good starcast. I will be interested to see what happens.”

Happy Ending, given the buzz around might actually release to high numbers conceded the trade circles. The film benefits from its brilliant trailer, excellent casting, good music and mostly Mr G (For Govinda) who is all ready to flaunt his abs in the film.

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