Sajid Nadiadwala and Tiger Shroff
Sajid Nadiadwala and Tiger Shroff

It is a known fact that Tiger Shroff, who would be launched by Sajid Nadiadwala and Sabbir Khan in ‘Heropanti‘, was more inclined towards sports, gymnastics and martial arts over the years. Even though filmmakers had started showing interest in him for quite some time, Tiger stayed away from floodlights all these years. However now that he is beginning his Bollywood stint, it is this very rawness quotient that seems to be going in his favour, courtesy the character that he is playing in ‘Heropanti‘.


“That works for my film though and you would know why when you watch it”, Sabbir throws a smile here, “Even the central character of the film is such which is pretty raw and uncoloured, he is just on the threshold of beginning his adult life. Of course I can’t really talk in much detail about him so soon but it is his uniqueness, both as an actor and the character, which would catch audience attention. He is definitely not your average regular guy. With his long hair and overall persona, he brings certain level of aura around him. He is bound to be noticed even in a crowd.”

While it is Sabbir who is getting his creative juices flowing here, Sajid too is contributing with hands-on support since this is the first time ever that he is also launching a star-son. He is equally excited and part of the entire creative process.

“We are on the same page as far as understanding the responsibility of launching a new boy is concerned. We understand that in order to justify that, we have to rally around Tiger and make him comfortable with the place and setting, and getting into the actual skin of the character. We are on the job for sure”, assures Sajid.

One looks forward to this unique combination now that the film is all set to go on floors very soon.




  1. I hope movie flops. the only reason this guy got movie is because he is from film family. His father must have paid a lot of money for the launch of his son.

  2. I hope this movie is a complete martial art movie. We dont have any martial actor in bollywood like Bruce le, vandam, Jet le etc. Pls make films like hollywood movie in the line of undisputed 3rd, Ong bak etc. Tony jha and Scott Atkin is my current martial artist/actor.


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