Strange are the ways of the people behind some of the film awards functions. And one is not talking about how they select the award winners. Pages could be written about the suspect ways in which the winners are finalised for many of the awards. But hotshot director Rohit Shetty’s problem is not just this. Says he, “In spite of making successful comedy films like Golmaal, Golmaal Returns and All The Best, I’ve never been nominated for awards. While that can still be overlooked, would you believe that many of the awards function organisers don’t even consider me worthy of attending their awards functions! Yes, I’ve not attended many of these functions because I never got invited in the first place. I find this difficult to digest. What do they fear? That I will look like an odd man out? Don’t I have the class to attend these functions?”

Rohit Shetty, Golmaal 3 Poster

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Shetty, whose Golmaal 3 is due for release next week, concludes, “I’m not bitter or angry about this. But I do wonder why anybody should discriminate against me or, for that matter, against anybody else. That too, for an awards function!”

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