Ram Gopal Verma and J. D. Chakravarthy
Ram Gopal Verma and J. D. Chakravarthy

Promos of Bhoot Returns are on and it is now known that the film has a young girl playing a central protagonist. What is not known is that director Ram Gopal Varma, who has often made his apparent dislike for kids public, had even offered the film’s lead J. D. Chakravarthy (who had immortalised Satya years ago) to direct some of the key portions of the film.


“Ramu isn’t much scared of directing a horror film but when it comes to kids, he has made his displeasure clear quite a few times. Even though his Phoonk too had a child in the centre of affairs, he has never been fond of kids on his sets. However the script of Bhoot Returns was such that he was left with no choice. However he thought of a way out and asked J. D. Chakravarthy, who is also a close aide, if he could direct those scenes which featured the child”, informs a source attached to the film.

The girl in question was newcomer Alayana Sharma and while she was clueless about her director’s apprehensions, Chakravarthy wondered whether Ramu was just kidding or serious.

“Chakravarthy has been an assistant director as well to Ramu and asked him if he was serious. Ramu being Ramu, he confirmed the same with his deadpan expression. However just when the actor almost started setting the scene, the director said that he was just kidding and started calling the shots himself”, the source adds.

Thankfully Alayana too didn’t turn out to be one of those over enthusiastic kids who come up with millions of questions due to which Ramu could afford to keep his cool.

Quips a unit member, “All credit to her because if that wasn’t the case, while Ramu could well have sworn off kids for life, we may also have had an accidental director in the form of Chakravarthy.”




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