Shah Rukh Khan's 8 Pack Abs still from movie 'Happy New Year'
Shah Rukh Khan’s 8 Pack Abs still from movie ‘Happy New Year’

As a guest blog post by our readers, brings to you an impassioned plea by a Shah Rukh Khan fan against Salman Khan’s ‘Abs’ controversy (Salman’s ‘Abs’olutely Pointless Controversy). Read on…


Firstly I would like to clarify the below thoughts as my own and do not wish to hurt the intentions or feelings of anybody.

A Clever PR Trick

Shah Rukh has very well entered the league of body builders of Bollywood. It was mentioned that the Songs and promos of Happy New Year aren’t doing good among the public. Let me remind you that the romantic number of HNY has garnered more views than the one from Kick. This is in consideration that the movie hasn’t even released yet. The song Indiawaale also gathered more views than the song Tu Hi Tu from Kick. I hope this puts to rest what is said about the lack of excitement on the songs and promos of HNY. The person should also note that SRK’s abs Video and the pics gathered so many ooohs and aaahs, not any actor in Bollywood has got it till now. It therefore already made more buzz than any other star’s Abs. This puts to rest the nonsense claims of being a PR exercise.

Too Much Of  A Coincidence!

Hrithik Roshan was promoting Bang Bang and was challenging everyone with fun dares. May be the dares didn’t arouse the interest of the Salman Fan but yes they were interesting, acclaimed and created a lot of buzz. This was not mentioned. A video was put up to complete the dare. This video was for SRK fans like me and Hrithik enthusiasts, not meant to be judged by jealous Salman fans. So what if there was body paint? So what if the video was already shot? If SRK has REAL abs, then why not boast about it. As for the video being used as a PR tool. Yes. Maybe? Much like when Salman Khan called his Co-star ‘Jacqueline Fernandez Khan’, to get the news buzzing about a potential love connection, which completely stopped when Kick released? Wasn’t that a PR tool too?

So, we can say that SRK has his right of promoting his flick the way he wants, as it is completely legal. I would also agree too the PR tool being used only when the Salman fan agrees to the Kick PR tool.

Why Was Media Over Enthusiastic?

Why wouldn’t the media be over enthusiastic? When the news that all fans and viewers of the movie Ek Tha Tiger were tricked into believing that something non existent was made real, why cant’ the media react? Of course. Salman’s 6 packs have shown well in some movies and people wouldn’t doubt Salman to fake it. But when something turns out false, human behavior tends to react negatively to it.

Also the fact that Kabir Khan tweeted about it being real has surely been over shadowed. But couldn’t Kabir Khan be doing this to save his face or the wrath of the Salmaniacs? Yes. Many Salman fans were disappointed and that was the reason for the tweet, to pacify them that the Abs were real.

Recycled Story?

Along with the recycled story claims of Salman Abs being real comes another question. On November 2012, SRK tweeted a picture of the Transbuilder Body Building Machine which helps to build the body. That story was not given any reference. No one raised their eyebrows and thought of it as a normal purchase. But nearly two years later, comes SRK with a ripped 8-pack Abs, making his fans drool and others jealous. It is now that the eyebrows started to raise. People, specifically Salman Fans, called it a big fake, steroid used, etc. Not one of them appreciated the effort or even took the effort of reading the tweet of the builder.

Instead, reports were out that he used steroids, VFX, and drug help to build something unimaginable by a far distance by Salman.

The recycled story here is of SRK using legal and rightful measures to get toned being turned into nonsensical claims of steroid use. what answer do they have to this now?

Will The Controversy Affect Brand Salman?

Even we, SRK fans agree that this controversy would not affect brand Salman. But something that must be noted here is the big fail of Salmaniacs trying to point fingers against SRK, for the leaked clips of their star. This controversy would also not affect a bigger brand, Brand SRK. SRK has proved time and again why he is too big of a star not only in Indian, but also in International markets. There can be no rumors or story cooked up that can tarnish the SRK image. Shah Rukh, is known to be one of the most secure and the biggest Indian star. This kind of cheap publicity cannot be thought of by a star of such caliber. Not even his fans would think of such cheap publicity, which is reportedly done by SRK to promote HNY.

I also feel Salman fans should rather keep such baseless accusations to themselves and sporting appreciate the effort of the biggest superstar on this planet. SRK is known for being a gentleman and would never resort to such kind of PR.

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