Great news for Akshay Kumar fans! The slow start of Thank You has given way to a pick-up. Collections at several centres across India have improved show-wise. This would not have happened had the film been rejected by the audience. In other words, although the classes are not finding the film upto their liking, the masses are enjoying the humour.

Akshay Kumar Thank You Movie Box Office Report

The collections of Rajasthan circuit have just come in and they are indicative of the jump. Take a look:

Jaipur: Raj Mandir cinema 1st show Rs. 47,000
2nd show Rs. 59,000
Jaipur: EP 1st show Rs. 6,000
2nd show Rs. 27,630

3rd show Rs. 32,710
Jaipur: Inox Pink Square 1st show Rs. 13,800

2nd show Rs. 21,350
Jaipur: Inox CP 1st show Rs. 18,000

2nd show Rs. 43,000 (being shown in two auditoria)
Jodhpur: New Kohinoor 1st show Rs. 25,000

2nd show Rs. 35,585 (house full)
Jodhpur: Bioscope 1st show Rs. 14,960

2nd show Rs. 26,650
Bikaner: Cine Magic Big 1st show Rs. 9,460

2nd show Rs. 22,970
Bikaner: Suraj cinema 1st show Rs. 9,210
2nd show Rs. 18,390
Ajmer: Glitz 1st show Rs. 12,480
2nd show Rs. 27,480

Of course, the collections haven’t picked up everywhere in the same proportion. But the trend is clear: THE FILM’S COLLECTIONS ARE ON THE RISE! Little wonder, the UTV guys (producers of ‘Thank You’) are now smiling from ear to ear and saying in chorus, “Thank you, patrons!”

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