Salman Khan Ready Movie PosterSalman Khan must be a satisfied man. After all, why not, when the advance bookings of Ready seem to have broken all recent records? Yes, the advance bookings for ‘Ready’, releasing this Friday, had started as soon as last week.

While some single screen cinemas opened advance bookings for Ready on Saturday and Sunday (May 28th and 29th) itself, multiplexes too started accepting bookings on Monday (May 30th). Note that single screen cinemas usually open advance bookings only on Mondays, while multiplexes do the same only after Wednesdays. Evidently, the hype and craze for the Salman Khan-starrer has prompted theater-owners to ‘advance’ the advance bookings!

Multiplexes have also reported an unprecedented amount of corporate bookings for ‘Ready’. It seems that, after the success of ‘Dabangg’, Salman Khan has amassed new fans among the classes too.

Ready Vs Dabangg

And while the ‘Ready’ Vs ‘Dabangg’ comparison fails to subside, let’s take a look at the advance bookings of both the films at a single cinema:

Dabangg: In Liberty, New Delhi, 2,800 advance bookings were made in 2010.

Ready: In the same theatre, 5,500 advance tickets were issued on the day the bookings were announced! In Delight, New Delhi, the theatre sold advance tickets worth Rs. 5.5 lakh on the very first day itself. And that too only by 6pm!

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    • i think so, Sarah.perhaps that’s the reward for someone who always cares and looks after needy people (shadaqah).right?

  1. inshallah READy will b hit ……..& it ll b d hittest movie of this yr…..all d best 4 my sweet sallu….love him so much & wana see him as a successor

  2. nshallah READy will b hit ……..& it ll b d hittest movie of this yr…..all d best 4 my sweet sallu….love him so much & wana see him as a successor

  3. Assalm o ali kum salu bhai luv u so much…. Insha allah ur new movie ready mai hit al the records….

  4. Salman Is simply the greatest. I am READY to reserve my tickets now for his fourthcoming movie. “BODYGUARD” as I WANTED his next movie to be a greater hit then DABANGG as He is the PRIDE & Honour of this country that is why usese Myne Pyar Kiya.. Now IUunderstand Why Salman Khan se “Mine PYAR KYUN KIYA’. I want to see his movies to be house full everywhere in India.

  5. The Press, Police and Producers have shown least consideration for Salman Khan, where as the Public worship him. His movies are very entertaining, But Press do not write so. Police made a mountain of the mole when He had an accident and SRK and their clan played under hand role to see that Salman Khan movies do not fare well.
    Disgusted with this bias against an actor who lives for human vales Public have given him the super star tag by making his movies in a row super hits(wanted-Dabangg and Ready) and now Body guard will also be a super hit. and this is the real award for Salman Khan. He is awarded by the Public. Let SRK and his clan keep FF awards.


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