Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh

Govinda have been under criticism from a section of the audience for being typecast into comedy. Ranveer Singh, while one hand, can’t stop praising Govinda on the other hand has a liking for people who can truly surprise with their performance. Ranveer disagrees when told that Govinda was repetitive. He said, “I don’t think Govinda did the same thing. He in the same zone gives you so many flavors of performances. Many of his films geared towards making you laugh, dance, action too and for me he was just too watchable. I don’t love all of his films. I only love some of his films. But I love him. This is why Kill Dil is so exciting.”

Speaking of how Kill Dil will explore the potential of his caliber, he adds, “We will see him do things which he has never done before. He is chilling evil and so menacing. He has got an aura. Even he says, what he finds cool about this is that he never looks at it like a villain. He is a hero! When he comes on the screen, he has that approach of being a hero. He never feels he is wrong. The chameleons in the breed of actors are who I find truly outstanding. I enjoy the other actors as well but the chameleons appeal to me more. No one can ever deny Govinda’s talent, most certainly the most talented actor of his time. He isn’t any less than an Al Pacino or Daniel Day Lewis. It’s also a function of characterization. I am an actor who does a heavy characterization. There is a criticism of this approach which resorts to being ‘gimmicky’ apparently – changing hairstyles, way of walking. Being honestly the person you are and emote. Your characterization is all surface level gimmicks, but I find it exciting. But if you watch Govinda’s most serious films, his intensity, his action is pitched so right that you’ll know how immensely gifted he is as an actor. He has it and it just flows out of him. The tiny things that he does which are hard to catch adds layers to the characters he picks up. “

Kill Dil is promoted as a true Govinda affair, and the lead team Ranveer and Parineeti are going out of their way to express their love for the star. Govinda will soon be seen in Happy Ending as well but in terms of a solid role, Kill Dil will see him sharing a longer screen space.

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