Rani Mukerji in a Song Still from Aiyyaa Movie
Rani Mukerji in a Song Still from Aiyyaa Movie

Rani Mukerji is in news for all the right and wrong reasons. With a film as quirky and refreshing as Aiyyaa on her platter, she also has been in the news for her character’s uncanny resemblance to Vidya Balan’s ‘Dirty silk’. It was not enough till a video promo of Rani’s Sava Dollar was unveiled recently.


The song sung by the charismatic Sunidhi Chauhan is basically about Rani’s character Meenakshi Deshpande’s innate desire to be an actress and traverses across the big names of the industry, who ruled mainly in the ‘80s and the early ‘90s, a backdrop on which the South meets West love story is thrived on.

In the video promo of her song, Sava Dollar, Rani gyrates to the extensively vivacious and upbeat tunes with her thumkas and the natkhat Lavni steps add to the zing. But then, some of the lines from the song has set the Media ablaze. Lines like ‘pero kea age Bachchan, pero ke niche Rekha’ have been caricatured in the song where Rani tries to imitate both the yesteryear legends’ actions. Though there has been no reaction reported from her Black co-star or from the evergreen diva, Rani’s actions have stormed tabloids and newspapers countrywide. In the video promo that lasts about 2 minutes, Rani lips lines that echo the do-s and don’t-s of being a heroine and she is seen to taking pot shots at the clichés that existed in the tinsel town.

Though Rani, who is extremely happy about her next and is excited to see how the audiences respond to this new wave of Hindi cinema, isn’t going Aiyyaa! about her actions. Not because she is arrogant, because she’s not! The team clarified it to be just a gimmick used in the song and nothing else!

Rani, who ruled our hearts and had been the reigning queen of Bollywood for the last decade suddenly took a sabbatical only to return back with a powerful ‘Meera Gaiti’ in Raj Kumar Gupta’s No One Killed Jessica. The power house actress is usually a very fun loving adorable star, not the usual snob that she’s made out to be and is clearly awaiting the release of Aiyyaa on the 12th of October!

We can only pass on our best wishes to an actress who is more of a fighter.




  1. Koimoi… why you keep publishing false news now and then, how a reputed website can hire a bunch of idiots and keep publishing meaningless crap! Is this person Nayandeep hearing impaired who can’t find the difference between pedho ( trees) and pero!!!! The song clearly says its Pedho(trees) ke aage bachchan, Pedho k peeche rekha! and even its very much clear from the video of the song that it’s actually trees and it’s no offense against our great BIG B and REKHA ji Shame on nayandeep you are a big failure!!!

  2. Excuse me, Mr. Karan. This guy whoever is the writer, has tried to write pedho and pero as in trees!
    How does one spelling mistake that too a multi linguistic one, which can be written in many sort of ways pose a question on anyone’s credibilty.
    You need to go for a doctors’ check up. Your grey cells have stopped working, I presume!

    Speling Karan and Karaan both would be same, coz they are not English words!
    I guess that should answer it. Period.

  3. And yes, I guess you are visually impaired or you seriously dont know English, because that is the reason you didnt manage to skim through the entire article. It is clearly mentioned that Rani did it out of mere fun and she had meant no offence to anyone.

    “The power house actress is usually a very fun loving adorable star, not the usual snob that she’s made out to be”
    what does these lines mean to you, duh?
    By the way, great going Nayandeep.
    keep reading your articles, they are great and sensible too!

    guess, people like Karan aka ‘Karaan’ have started losing their sense of humour these days!


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