Time and again one hears about chance encounters at five star dining halls, coffee table conversations or ‘luck by chance’ moments during auditions enabling a lead hero or a heroine to be finalised for a film. In case of ‘Aiyyaa‘ though, it was internet that nailed it for Rani Mukerji. Not quite sure about her leading man Prithiviraj, Rani had to spend some time on the internet before she got to know him a little better.

Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji


“Even though Prithiviraj is a superstar down South and has acted in over 50 Malayalam films, Rani was totally clueless about him. He was entirely the choice of director Sachin Kundalkar but Rani obviously wanted to know more about him. The idea was to get a South Indian to play a hero in the film and while in that aspect Prithviraj did score good points, Rani still wanted to know how he looked outside his Malayalam films. More so since for his Bollywood debut and especially the role he was required to play in the film, he couldn’t have carried the exact same look as his South ventures”, informs a source.

This is when she decided to search for him over the internet and came across an interview of his which sealed the deal.

“In his Malayalam films he looks very different with a moustache. However I saw this interview of Prithvi on the internet where he looked very different as a regular guy would in day to day normal life. I saw an entirely new avtar and I was convinced that he carried the right flavour of a tall, dark and handsome guy that we wanted for ‘Aiyyaa‘”, confirms Rani.

It turns out though that fortunately things were a lot different on the other side. Apparently Prithvi turned out to be a huge fan of Rani and took no time in letting her know of the same as well.




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