Mogul, a biopic made on Gulshan Kumar’s life has undergone various developments. After the confirmation of Aamir Khan as the co-producer, sources reveal that makers along with actor Aamir Khan are enthusiastic to sign Ranbir Kapoor as the lead although confirmation still awaits.

In an interview with DNA After Hrs, Bhushan Kumar who’s backrolling the movie revealed, “We haven’t finalised the lead, but we will have a younger star in the film.” Now, a source close to the newspaper shared, “Bhushan feels Ranbir will suit the character. Since he is a good actor and has a good market value as well, the makers felt he was the perfect choice to play Gulshan Kumar. They have even discussed the whole idea with him, but they haven’t arrived at a decision yet.”

Ranbir Kapoor To Replace Akshay Kumar In Mogul?
Ranbir Kapoor To Replace Akshay Kumar In Mogul?

The source further added, “Aamir met the Kapoor scion and tried to convince him to do the film,” adds the source. During his promotions for Sanju, we had asked Ranbir whether he was averse to doing too many biopics, considering the total transformation and other aspects of such roles. At that time, he had said, “On the contrary, I enjoy challenges. I’m aware that an actor’s job is not like a nine-to-five. And I actually look forward to pushing myself to do things that are out of the ordinary because it is part of my vocation.” So, will Ranbir say yes to Mogul? Only time will tell!

Previously, the biopic planned to feature Akshay Kumar as the music mogul, came to a grinding halt when he returned the signing amount with a thank-you note.

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