While Ranbir Kapoor is quiet and reserves, Priyanka Chopra is quite the opposite: chatty, bubbly and full-of-life. Priyanka sticks to her family and is still a little kid for her parents, “I still get paranoid when my father calls,” she says squirming in her seat, “I still have my middle-class values.”

Ranbir and his family may have a long history in cinema but he hasn’t let any of that get into his head. As he puts it “You’re either a superstar or you’re not. I have no false notions of being a superstar.”

When it comes to the social networking site Twitter, they are divided. PC immediately quips on behalf of Ranbir, “He is not on Twitter because he has nothing to say!” And thus begins the war of words between the Anjanaa Anjaani stars!

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