Did you hear what happened at Karan’s party? Arey, Karan Johar yaar! Aur kitney Karan bhare pade hai yaahan? Haan toh the point is his birthday bash was a mast affair! With the entire tinsel town coming to his place, uski party toh bilkul hit ho gayi. These big stars no, unki small and private parties mein also entire Bollywood goes!

But I did not like ek cheez. Ranbir Kapoor who at promotional events show excess love for his ex girlfriend Deepika Padukone, completely ignored her at that party. I know it was wrong of her to repeat that floral off shoulder outfit she has already worn before, but iska matlab he will shun her kya?

Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone


Maine to Veenu ko bola hi tha, Ranbir doesn’t seem stable wala guy. Pura Casanova he is! Who drops down their towel itna randomly bhai? Woh bhi in their first film!

My dil toh came on his dimples warna I was always very clear that Ranbir is total Aaj-Pooja-Toh-Kal-Koi-Duja-Types. In Karan Johar’s party he made an entry with with abhi-ki girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Waise toh both Katrina and Ranbir say they are just friends, but still make public appearances bindaas. Dancing with each other all through the party, focusing only on each other, which fool will believe they are not dating!

Chaloopanti ki baat is that they apparently want to keep their relationship private but make haath-mein-haath-dalke appearances at places they know media will be ready with their shutterbugs to click them. And phir bolenge media is encroaching in our personal lives. Wah bhai wah, as if we don’t know these are vicious ways of hogging limelight!

Meri maane toh, it is completely unethical of him to show off his new girlfriend in front of his old girlfriend. And hadh ki baat is, Ranbir-Deepika ki amazing friendship which they talk of in every promotional event of their upcoming film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a bloated bubble they create taaki audience jaake unki film dekhe. Bhai, YJHD looks so sundar that people will watch aise bhi. They can spare us ‘she-will-be-mere-baby-ki-Godmother nonsense’.

Aur waise bhi, always believe the Bollywood basics. Ex-es ki Happy friendship is a myth. Ex-es can never be friends, especially when it comes to Bollywood ke dicey relationships. Aur Ranbir toh hai hi, Badtameez Dil. Gaana bohot fit baithta hai uspe!

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