You can either love Ram Gopal Varma or you can hate him. You can laugh at his series of flops or roll your eyes at his bizarre camera angles, but the fact is that he’s a director you cannot write off. Every once in a while he’ll have audiences eating out of his hands with a film like Company or Sarkar.

Ram Gopal Varma: I Would Like To See A Dawood Ibrahim’s Rise’

His next film, Rakht Charitra, based on the life of south Indian politician Paritala Ravi with Vivek Oberoi is being touted as a bloody and violent political fest. RGV is unpretentious about his films and the characters he chooses, “I don’t like simple people. Normal people and normal relationships bore me. I like to make films where people are a bit extreme.”

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Running his hand through his hair, he adds, “I would like to see a Dawood Ibrahim’s rise compared to some great business man’s rise in construction. His life would be dramatic because he’s doing something against convention. You might look down upon him…but you’ll still like to hear his story.” He explains further how Paritala Ravi went on to join politics, “He was in the jungles when N. T. Rama Rao gave him an offer to join the party to fight against a certain community. Suppose Indira Gandhi brought Bhindranwale or the US supported Osama in the war against Russia…which brings us back to the politics-violence nexus…”

‘Rakht Charitra’, starring Vivek Oberoi, Shatrughan Sinha and Suriya will hit theatres on 22nd October, 2010.

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