Filmmaker Rahul Dholakia says he is confused as there are so many stories that he wants to tell.


Asked how he has evolved as a storyteller, Dholakia told IANS: “I don’t know. I have been more confused than ever before.”


Rahul Dholakia's confused state of mind
Rahul Dholakia’s Confused State Of Mind

“There is so much to say and I have taken so much time to say what I had to say. I wish I could say many more stories.”

Dholakia is known for infusing life into diverse stories like “Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar“, “Parzania”, “Lamhaa: The Untold Story of Kashmir”, Society Kaam Se Gayi” and “Raees”.

His trademark has always been his real life stories, and that is the reason he associated with AXN for their theme of the month segment, dedicated to movies based on real life stories.


Recalling his journey in the industry, the director said: “It has been a very interesting journey. It has been very tough. There were lots of ups and down.

“But the journey has been great. It has taken me to so many different places, I met so many interesting people.”

The director feels the failures shape one as a “human being”.

“They shapes you as a human being and if you shape up as a human being, it automatically reflect on your cinema or the work you are doing. So, it is a good thing. You cannot complain because you don’t know how it would be if it was the other way round.”

Dholakia feels it is very important to give expression to one’s thoughts.

“Otherwise, it is missed. It will be too late when you want to say that.”




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