Rahul Dev Burman, better known as R. D. Burman or Pancham da, made an indelible mark on Indian music in his 37 year long career. Many of the musical maestro’s songs got overshadowed by other brilliant numbers like O Haseena, O Mere Sona and Aja Aja Main Hun Pyar Tera. On Pancham’s 17th death anniversary, we bring you some of the lesser known gems of this genius:

Koi Diya Jale Kahin – Dil Padosi Hain (Pvt. Album)

Three talented Bollywood personalities have come together for this masterpiece and the whole album. Of course there are other wonderful numbers like Saato bar bole bansi and Majhi re majhi but this one takes the cake according to koimoi.com. Asha ji’s voice is like a mystic beauty. Gulzar’s words are penetrating as usual but Pancham da’s brilliance tops it all by weaving the lyrics into a soulful song.

Aaja Re Meri Jamborine – Ek Sey Bhale Do

A typical ‘80s R. D. peppy number from Kumar Gaurav’s Ek Sey Bhale Do. But once the song starts you just fall in love the way mouth organ wanders into the orchestration. Sung by evergreen Kishore da and Asha ji, this song surely deserves a place next to Jab Chaha Yara Tum Ne from Zabardast. Unfortunately all the movies Kumar Gaurav made were ignored and so were R. D. Burman’s awesome compositions. By the way, koimoi.com is still wondering what exactly a Jamborine is. Was that the musical instrument, Tambourine, that Pancham da was referring to?

Suno Sitamgar – Zabardast

This song is a dialogue with R. D. Yes, listen to the prelude (yes, it is longer than all R.D. numbers – it may be the longest). R. D. starts yodeling at exactly 1.16 minutes into the song and takes over. He sings “Iss mehfil mein tum kya aaye, hum jaison ke din phirey” so innocently that all his friends from the industry who turned their backs to R.D. in his bad times, must feel the pain their friend was going through. Asha ji is there, but this song definitely belongs to R. D. and only R. D.

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