Imran Khan in a still from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!
Imran Khan in a still from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!

Right from his Jaane Tu days, this adorable youngster has wowed us all with his trademark charm and his cute maneuvers. More lovable than macho, Imran Khan is tired of being taken as a kid. “Yaar, just because I look a little young doesn’t mean I am a kid. Everyone keeps asking me this question. Kareena Kapoor is older to you and blah-blah but they don’t realize that I am almost of the same age as her. Mere ko aur bachcha mat socho.”, regrets Imran when asked about the alleged age gap between him and his co-star.


History has it that with his next door boyish charm, Imran has floored us all but whenever this Delhi Belly hero went the irregular way doing some unconventional roles, he is faltered. Be it a Matru or the recently released OUATIMD, Imran’s performance was not upto the mark. “It is not like that, I feel. More than what you said, I would add that it is when I work with first time directors, my films tend to work really well. Delhi Belly was not a romantic comedy and it worked. And I am total believer in first time new directors because they somehow bring in a kind of freshness, a refreshing change to the daily dosage of film that we are often being part of, as actors”, said Imran while he was promoting his film in Kolkata.

Imran who plays Sriram in the film, is a Casanova. Who is his inspiration? Well, look what he had to say. “Oh that would totally be Punit. This guy was our director but he is no short of a Casanova. When we all walk together, people look at him more than they look at us. He would come bare-chested, get massages done and all that. So definitely for Sriram, I needed to do not much amount of research when Punit was there in front of me. But the character has got a lot of shades which would reveal in the second half of the film. And for that you need to watch the film.”

When asked about the USP of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!, Imran clearly pointed out to the sizzling chemistry between him and his ladylove Kareena in the film. “People have loved us in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu and I guess they would go bonkers after watching us here. We share an incredible chemistry in the film, more because we understand each other a lot as actors. We are extremely comfortable working with each other. Be it the songs, or our scenes where we have this funny, hilarious interactions mainly in the first half and the more serious somber ones in the second half, our interactions stand out as the best part in the film. But unlike EMAET, this film is a lot more rustic and has got an earthy feel. I love the desi spunk that this film is imbibed with. That will work the magic”, exclaimed Imran as he signed off with his cute chocolate boy smile.

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