might be one of the hottest social networking sites and our Bollywood stars sure know how to leverage it to the best of their interests. Let’s see some of the ways stars use Twitter:

1) Media Bashing

As much as celebrities love their stardom, they also occasionally lash out at the media for “outrageous” stories. Even if it may have been something from a very reliable “source”…


Priyanka Chopra
Woke up this morning to an amazing piece of fiction… a news story that says my role in Kunal’s film is similar to that of ‘Heroine’… …What a fertile imagination!!! There was no verification made with anyone before they made this resounding conclusion…. …Ours is a love story… where is the connect? What say @kunalkohli? I don’t appreciate being used to create unwarranted controversy with baseless information… unacceptable!

Sonam Kapoor
Some publications don’t report news anymore. They hire writers who write fiction. #shame.



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