Hrithik Roshan has the demeanor of the cool, suave dude; his image from Dhoom 2 still hasn’t left our minds. But the actor has taken many bold steps from the onset of his career. His first film made him a superstar. Then he did Fiza where he played a terrorist. He did a film on Kashmir. He played Shah Rukh Khan’s younger brother, a film in which he wasn’t the focus. He played a mentally challenged kid to perfection and a superhero now. Versatility isn’t his thing but atleast he is attempting to pick up different roles. Afterall who could have made a thief look so cool like him in Dhoom 2!


In an interview to Koimoi, Roshan said he has always stood by his choices. People had discouraged him to work on Bang Bang because Siddharth Anand is young and has a mixed track record. Hrithik told us, “The germ of ‘Knight and Day’ has been maintained in this film. I had seen it on a flight and loved it. A month later Siddharth called me for the remake. I was game. But first we worked on the script for atleast 7 months and then I signed it. People had doubts about me doing this film. A man should be judged by what he is right now. That man inspired me and passed on his vision. My hair was standing on him. Judging someone by his past is not right. Also nobody has the power to know where I am going with my life.”

Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie 'Krrish 3'
Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie ‘Krrish 3’

People have laughed at his choices often. While Krrish did so well commercially, most forbade him against it and said it won’t work. Hrithik said, “They laughed at me when I did Krrish. Hindi film mein mask leke hero udd raha hai. When I did Koi Mil Gaya, people told my father that he is ruining my career. Films are not about image but it’s about exploring and adventure and giving people things you believe in. You have to do all kinds of things. If you are stuck with an image, then it is business for you.”

Hrithik is all set to star in Bang Bang that releases this week. The film looks gorgeous and is expected to open big in the domestic market.

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