Akshay Kumar has a passion for cricket, but he cannot go against his father’s wishes. Will he continue to be the ideal son and live an unfinished life? Find out in the preview of Patiala House.

Patiala House Preview (Patiala House Movie Stills)

Patiala House – Star cast:


Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia.

Patiala House – Plot:

Rishi Kapoor is bitter about his life in the UK after an incident which shatters his faith in the country. He brings up his son, Akshay Kumar, in the same way and refuses to let him pursue his dreams. Akshay buries his dreams until he meets Anushka Shamra, who gives him the strength to stand up for what he believes. He finally summons the courage to challenge his father and start a movement that will shake the very foundations of Patiala House. This cross-generation drama is about second chances.

Patiala House – Indian box-office expectations:

Patiala House should take a reasonable opening at the box-office because the film’s music has become popular.



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