Off late, the country has been embroiled in controversies over instances regarding rising intolerance, but one Industry which has been severely hit by these events is Bollywood.

From Dilwale to Udta Punjab, and now Padmavati, which doesn’t even have a release date owing to massive protests, creativity is being battered and bruised at every turn.

Padmavati to Barbie Girl; why is creativity being strangled, one step at a time?
Padmavati To Barbie Girl; Why Is Creativity Being Strangled, One Step At A Time?

The latest film to bear the brunt of the ‘easily offended’ sensibilities is Sunny Leone, Arbaaz Khan starrer, Tera Intezaar. In a recent notice issued to the Producers of the film, Mattel Inc, the manufacturer of the trademark Barbie dolls, have accused the makers of using the word “Barbie” in a song without permission.

They have alleged that the song represents Barbie girl in a manner which is antagonistic to the values and interests of the customers’ target base, the plaintiffs cater to. And that’s not all, it has also been alleged that ‘the actress featured in the song (Sunny Leone), is a prominent figure from adult entertainment industry and such attributes are provocative and inappropriate for younger girls and children, tarnishing and degrading the distinctive quality of the mark “BARBIE”’.

Even though the courts have asked Mettel Inc to ‘Chill’ and have not initiated any action against the film, there are some glaring gaps in the accusations made by Mettel that must br brought to notice –

1) These days, children are more conscious than ever about their physical attributes, and instances of things like body shaming which resorts to bullying and subsequent depression are on the rise. In such times, unrealistic ‘body image and standards’ projected by Barbie are extremely harmful to the mindset of young children.

2) The outfits sported Barbie dolls are definitely not ‘child-friendly.’

3) The objection of Sunny Leone’s past are atrocious, to say the least. The actress has been a part of quite a few notable films, has been involved with various charities and causes, and recently adopted a child. But in utter disregard to all this, Mettel only decided to focus one thing, which is actually intolerant on their part.

We really hope that such protestors take a minute to reflect upon their own activities, and let art be!

Tera Intezaar, which has been directed by Raajeev Walia, is a musical romantic thriller. The film attempts to portray Sunny is an all-new avatar and is scheduled to release on 1st December 2017.

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