While Salman Khan’s popularity has been considered to be insurmountable, his latest stints as the show host of popularity reality show Bigg Boss’ Season 7 has incurred the wrath of the audiences.


As per a leading platform that fosters social change, nearly 3000 people have signed up a petition to remove Salman Khan as the show host for apparently siding with house inmate Tanisha Mukherjee and her accomplice Armaan Kohli.

Salman Khan at an event
Salman Khan at an event

Tanisha who happens to be the sister of leading film actress Kajol has been very obviously favored in the show according to those who began the petition. Salman share a great rapport with Mukherjee family especially Kajol who is his former co-stars from films like Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and her husband Ajay Devgn. Salman has made repeated references to Tanisha’s lineage using it as a shield to reprimand other contestants and favoring her rather obviously.

Though the petition seems very valid given that it is the most popular opinion about Superstar Dabangg Khan currently, it is rather ridiculous too that the world has such shortage of social issues that severe petitions are being filed on non-instances and flimsy issues like a reality show that houses a bunch of attention seeking celebrities!

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  1. what the hell ur talking about koimoi,those 3000 ppl are nothing but all are sob ,and what about 30 million times more that those 3000 ppl who are and will always stand by salman’s side,i think this is conspiracy against him bcoz with this show his popularity is sky rocketing and some of them are can’t take it,so the conpiracy,lot of respect for the man who atleast stand for the women ,he is cultured man who respect women and he and his family are the real example for that.

  2. only 3000 people cannot do anything to let down salman when 125 crores are supporting . salman is not wrong its conspiracy against him.


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