Omi Vaidya Planning To Direct A Dark Bollywood FilmOmi Vaidya aka Chatur of 3 Idiots fame is a busy man these days. Between shooting for Shaadi Fast Forward, dubbing for Desi Boyz and awaiting the release of his third Bollywood film, Abbas-Mastan’s Players, he has little time left.

However, the American-Indian actor is making sure that he finds time to get back to his filmmaking roots (Omi was a professional film editor before he turned to acting). He wants to direct a Bollywood movie based on a script he had written way back in 2003 as a part of his NYU thesis. So what is the script all about? “It’s a story that involves the elements of superstition, ghosts and time-travel,” he tells Quiz him further and the actor says it’s too early to reveal anything as he is still working on expanding this 15-minute award-winning script into a full-blown 2-hour Bollywood fare. Of course, he has an assistant doing the writing. “But it is my dream to make this film. It’s my one shot, I will spare no effort in making it as I want it,” says Omi. Even while choosing stars, many of whom he has worked with till now? “I want a young actor who has the acting muscle and also good face value,” he comments.


But why is he turning towards direction? Is it a paucity of good work even after having worked with directors like Rajkumar Hirani and Madhur Bhandarkar? “No,” he says, but adds that he hopes to get offered more character-driven roles. Hoping he has more to look forward with Players and Desi Boyz



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