Fresh out of Mary Kom, actress Priyanka Chopra proves that in terms of physical fitness she is lightyears ahead of her contemporaries. Taking up Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang Challenge, the actress did a handstand with an edge of her own, in heels!

Hrithik had tweeted, “The only girl I cud dare this! For super @priyankachopra my #bangbangdare HANDSTAND with a push up!! Do u accept! U have 3 days.”

Priyanka Chopra in a video she posted yesterday made it sound like a cakewalk. She did it with a pinch of zing in it. The actress posted, “Here you go Hrithik Roshan…a handstand with 3 push ups! In high heels! #bangbangdare …next time try and make it a little difficult.”

The twist with which Priyanka did it was amazing. Hrithik also challenged SRK and Sonam. While SRK is still busy with SLAM, let’s see if either he or Sonam can beat the level Priyanka set for the game.

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

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