Deepika Padukone In Race 2 Movie Stills
Deepika Padukone In Race 2 Movie Stills

From the lovely Shantipriya of OSO to the bubbly Veronica of Cocktail, Deepika Padukone, the actress has taken rapid strides to climb up the talent ladder. With Race 2 on board, the gorgeous glam girl opens up for an exclusive racy chat with Koimoi!


In a slick and stylish thriller like Race 2, which belongs to one of the most successful thriller franchise, you play a grey shaded character called Elena. Tell us something more about the role that you play in Race 2.
It is mainly because of the nature of the film that I can’t really say much about the film or my character. But then again, Elena, the character that I play in the film is a go-getter. She is extremely intelligent, yet shrewd, and a perfect opportunist. She knows how and when to strike and who to strike to get all her work done. In other words, Elena is someone who I can never relate to and coming to grey shades, every character in the film has a grey shade attached to it. That would be revealed only when you watch the film.

After playing so many larger than life roles, adding onto numerous feathers to your hat, what made Deepika Padukone jump into the race for this speedy thriller?
You know I have been asked this question time and again and I have always maintained a clear stance on my choice. For me, it is never the bigger co-star or the budget of the film, but it’s the content and the script that takes the story forward in my case. I believe if the story is good and there is some good music to it, you surely have a winner, no matter who the producer or your co-stars are. And for Race 2, the first thing that struck me was the beautifully written character of Elena. After Cocktail’s critical acclaim, I am craving for some good work and I feel Elena’s character is something that I have never tried before. Then the film belongs to such a huge and successful franchise and then Abbas Mustan has a certain style when it comes to thrillers. There are so many twists and turns in the film itself, you get the entire picture of the film’s plot only towards the end. That is something I found really exciting and that is what drew me to the film.

What are you expecting from Race 2?
I just hope that Race 2 is able to entertain the audience at every level. That’s the only thing I hope for and that’s the only reason I do films: to entertain the audience and to be a part of feel good films. It should just be two hours of complete paisa vasool entertainment!

Race 2 is supposedly your fourth film with Saif after Love Aaj Kal, Aarakshan and Cocktail. How are your off screen equations with him?
After you have done more than a film with the co-star there is an obvious comfort level with the person and the actor! There is a great understanding that works between me and Saif. Plus, Saif is a really giving actor; he is really intelligent and very spontaneous as an actor. And a large part of my performance’s credit in Cocktail goes to Saif for the way he supported and helped me throughout the entire process.

Playing an action heroine is something that we look up to today. Getting to play an action heroine in this speedy thriller, how was your entire experience?
There is not much of an action sequence that I have done in the film, except for a specific car chase picturised on me. That has really come out great but other than that, there is not much action in regards to Elena in Race 2. Though there are plenty of grueling actions scenes in the film, they are pictured mostly on the other stars!

Out of the entire Race 2 album, which song would be your pick and why?
It has to be ‘Be Inteha’ because even while we were shooting for the song, I told Rameshji, our producer that this song will be a rage and is my all time favourite!




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