Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor has had his fair share of hits and misses. After Wanted, the producer is hoping for another strike with the Shahid Kapoor – Kareena Kapoor starrer Milenge Milenge. In an interview with Komal Nahta on ETC’s Bollywood Business, here’s what Boney had to say about the delay of the film, the title of ‘Remake King’, sequels and wife Sreedevi’s comeback.

Milenge Milenge’ was on hold for quite some time. Do you think the news of it being stuck will affect the sales of the film?
It isn’t a nuclear bomb formula, it’s not a secret! The film is about fate. Maybe it’s the movie’s fate, or mine, that the film’s release had been delayed for many reasons. Obviously there will be negative talk about the prospect of the film but I believe that once the film starts, the content takes over. I feel it has got enough meat to hold everyone’s attention.

There was news about your rift with Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor for not helping with the promotions of ‘Milenge Milenge’…
I don’t want to talk about it. As I said, maybe it is my destiny… the movie’s destiny that it should be withheld for so long. I don’t hold any grievances against Shahid or Kareena.

Did the title of the film come after the Shahid-Kareena’s breakup or…?
The script came to me with this title (Milenge Milenge). In fact, the first song recorded was the title song! There are 2-3 versions of the title song which have been shot in Delhi, Indore and Bangkok.

Does your wife, Sreedevi, help you take your decisions?
She plays a big part in the decision-making. She’s usually with me when I see these South Indian films. She isn’t just my interpreter; she also gives her inputs and takes. She’s a principal part of the setup and I value her suggestions.

“Sreedevi will be seen on screen very soon.”

The question everyone’s been asking: Is Sreedevi staging a comeback?
Definitely, Sreedevi will be seen on screen very soon. We’re looking at subjects and I’m in serious talks with a director who’s given a recent hit. There is a possibility that it may happen sooner than people think… She was offered Baghban, but she the kids were too young and she wanted to be with them. She even had a television show, but she decided that her kids needed her more than her fans.

Your son Arjun is getting trained to get into films. Will you give him a grand launch?
Surely! I will definitely launch him the way he feels comfortable. He’s been an assistant director to two directors. He’s also very focused and dedicated and has lost 25-30kgs in the past or year or so. I will launch my son Arjun in the best way I can.

You generally remake hit South Indian films, which has earned you the reputation of the ‘Remake King’…
I have done a handful of remakes. My most famous film, Mr. India, wasn’t a remake, neither was Pukar. D Company, which I did with Ramu (Ram Gopal Varma), wasn’t a remake either.  They were original films. For ‘No Entry’ we just took the essence of the film.  When I have bought the rights of the film, why not take the best parts? I don’t see a problem with that; after all I’ve legitimately brought the rights of the film. Even Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was almost a remake of Woh Saat Din!

“Mr.India, No Entry and Wanted sequels are in the pipeline.”

There has been word of the sequels to ‘Mr. India’, ‘No Entry’ and even a ‘Wanted’ Part 2. Are you turning ‘Sequel King’ from ‘Remake King’?
I don’t know about ‘Remake King’, but when you have properties like these which have got inherent potential for success, you have to cash in on them. We already have a first draft of the No Entry sequel. We have a treatment draft of the sequel to Mr India from 2 different writers. Prabhu Deva has worked on a more elaborate script for the sequel for Wanted, but he’s currently busy doing a Tamil film. There is a strong possibility that they may be lucrative from a business angle. There are all these positive elements which are driving me to make their sequels.

It’s generally considered that you cling to actors and they cling on to their producer, i.e. you. Can we expect another film with Salman Khan then?
With Salman Khan, it’s all about rapport. I had a good rapport with him, so we continued doing films together. I share a good comfort level with him and he’s okay with me as a filmmaker.

You said that you’re inspired by K. Asif and Raj Kapoor, both filmmakers. Have you ever wanted to go behind the camera to give shape to your ideas as a director?
I began my career as an assistant director and it was much later that I went on to become producer. But one thing is for sure; before I call it a day I will definitely direct a film. As of now, there are no such plans.

By Komal Nahta

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