Veteran actor Nana Patekar, has slammed Salman Khan for supporting Pakistani actors, after the Uri terrorist attack.


Salman had recently questioned in a statement, “They are artistes. What do you think… Are artistes terrorists? They come to India with visa. Who gives them the visa? Our (Indian) government gives them visa. The government gives them work permit.”

Nana Patekar Slams Salman Khan On His Support For Pakistani Actors
Nana Patekar Slams Salman Khan On His Support For Pakistani Actors

When journalists ask Nana Patekar to give his view on this, he replied, “Pakistani actors and others come later, first comes my country. I don’t know anyone other than my country and would never like to know. Actors are like bed bugs in front of the country, we don’t have any worth.”

He targeted Salman and Karan Johar indirectly and said, “I don’t care what Bollywood has to say. I was in Army and I have spent two and half years there. So I know who our biggest heroes are. No one can be a bigger hero than our Army men. Our original heroes are our jawans. We are just small, fake people. So whatever we say, please don’t play attention to it. Are you understanding who am I referring to? Yes! It’s about them only! Hum jo ‘patar-patar’ karte hai unn par dhyaan matt do. Itni ahmat matt do kisiko. Unki itni aukaat nahi hai itni ahmat ki.”

Earlier, MNS Supremo Raj Thackrey and singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya had also targeted Salman for his support in favour of Pakistani actors.




  1. Can u all stop this nonsense please see the army man family who lost their son father husband it’s not a joke ok they are real heroes not Salman Khan and all the bullsit actor and actress

  2. For God sake give it a rest. We have already concluded that Pakistan is a terrorist state. But not all are terrorist. India is 2nd highest country when it comes to bribery and corruption but that does not mean all indians are corrupt. People like artist etc look for avenues to develop their talents etc and even though they are pakistani they did not shoot or kill anyone so lets be a bit fairer in our judgement. Problem with the world is that man’s hearts are bent towards evil and not towards learning to love each other.


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