Kaanchi Movie Poster
Kaanchi Movie Poster

Subhash Ghai is in a frantic search for a younger girl to play the title role of his latest Directorial venture / Kaanchi to be launched soon . The film is a based on a love story of a young beautiful girl from northern mountains who fights against Big power . its a story of great human spirit .


The film stars veteran like Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty along with new talent .

The music is being composed by Ismail Darbar and Salim-Sulaiman and two most melodious songs have already been recorded and film will go on the floor in JAN/FEB 2013 .

Subhash ghai said ”after going thru the whole script of kanchi now , we all are very sure that any girl who shall play this role of Kaanchi will be superstar overnight after the release of film” .

“this is the best women oriented film ever written or presented till now in Hindi cinema , as far as i know . and this is the best script of mine so far with so much passion , energy and drama of today … A wholesome entertainment for masses and classes both .i am too excited to start my film , but i am waiting for that lucky girl who will play Kaanchi – ?”

When asked what kind of a girl he wants to play Kaanchi, he explained . ” i am looking for a girl aged between 19 to 21′ , medium height , stout n sports girl physic — fair with bright eyes , extrovert n vocal by nature with fair amount of talent . rest , we shall take care of rest of her special training as required by the script . . she may apply to us for an audition test at admukta@gmail.com with her profile and pictures with and without make up .or she may send us her video by email if any “

LETS watch who is that lucky girl in subhash ghai’s ‘NEXT” ?





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