Sajid Khan just delivered another ‘slapstick’ comedy Humshakals and pit us through the pain of watching. While we could not spare ourselves from watching it, there are some important questions that Sajid must answer for the nation to know what made him come up with a film like this. When it comes to interrogation, it is hard to dodge the questions of only one person and that is none other than famous news anchor Arnab Goswami.


Koimoi presents to you a hypothetical conversation between Sajid-Arnab in the most famous ‘Frankly Speaking’ Episode:

1. About That Pathetic Racist ‘Kaali Daal’ Joke Cracked On African Men

2. When Satish Shah Calls Kim Jong Un ‘Chinese Chowmein’! F.Y.I. He Is North Korean

3. Those Ridiculous ‘Cocaine K Parathe’: F.Y.I Cocaine Doesn’t Have The Consistency Of ‘Aata’. It Dissolves In Water!

4. Mr. Sajid Electric Shocks Don’t Reduce Mental Age In Any Part Of The World Except Bollywood

5. Mr. Sajid At The Mental Age Of Five, One Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of ‘Turned On’ Either

6. Mr. Sajid The House Of Commons Isn’t Tacky Green In Color! How Did You Come Up With That?

7. Mr. Sajid, Also, The House Of Commons Isn’t A Ball Room That Reads House Of Commons In Gold

8. Mr. Sajid So You Mean We Should Believe That There’s Something Called Grade 3 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

9. Mr. Sajid! While We Are At It, Let’s Just Clarify That OCD Patients Don’t Sound Like Mentally Retarded Ones

10. Mr. Sajid, Gay Men Don’t Orgasm On The Word Bum. And They Don’t Speak In A Sing Song Voice Either

11. Mr. Sajid Khan, Dwarfs Don’t Suffer From Pen!$ Envy And Neither Do They Enjoy Biting Men’s Crotches!

12. And Finally Mr. Sajid Khan! I Suggest, You Absolutely Must Sign Up For New York Film School! And Never Ever…

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