Sara Loren
Sara Loren

Edgy, classy and superhot, that’s Sara Loren for you. The sexy supermodel who has awed the audience at large with her scintillating maneuvers in the Murder 3 trailer has set temperatures soaring nationwide. For more, we caught up with the bombshell for a lively chat.

Originally starting off as a supermodel, getting into films must have been the clichéd way of the entry into tinsel town. But was the metamorphosis easy for you?
I love the camera, I feel like I was born to do this even though I never planned any of it. Everything happened by chance, but I have enjoyed every minute of it and I work very hard. Moving from modeling to films might be clichéd, but it works, so why not.

You debuted in Bollwood with Kajrare back in 2010. What took you three long years to be a part of another Bollywood film?
There was a lot that was keeping me busy, film that I was working on in Pakistan, theater etc. Plus it was important for me do something that challenged me, that excited me and that would be memorable- Murder 3 did all of that.

You convinced the Bhatts in the very first meeting that you can well be a part of Murder 3. What was the first meeting like?
It was really very interesting! Their confidence in me blew me away. Most people said that being sexy, confident and outspoken didn’t fit in the normal framework of the Bollywood Heroines, but the Bhatts liked that about me. They didn’t want to change me or package me neither did they want me to be apologetic about who I am. They saw me for who I was and told me that this is what will work for me. They then offered Murder 3 to me, so clearly I am doing something right. I just needed the right guidance and platform, and that is what the Bhatt family gave me.

What made you say yes to Murder 3?
Who wouldn’t say yes To Murder 3? It’s a part of a blockbuster franchise, it’s a Bhatt film, and Randeep Hooda is a phenomenal actor and my role was fantastic. I loved Nisha when they told me about her. She has this edge to her that is special. She is not your usual bubbly sunshine girl. She is beautiful, passionate, dark and mysterious. She works hard, gets what she wants, and is all heart

What are your expectations from the film, as an actress?
We all worked really hard, but now it is up to the audience. It’s a typical Bhatt film- sexy, entertaining and thrilling. This entire experience has helped me grow as an actress

Taking over from Mallika and Jacqueline, what new traits have you tried to put in your character to make it look different from what your previous actors did for the Murder franchise? Or did you imbibe anything from any of your contemporaries?
Well it’s not a continuation of the previous stories. It a new plot, new characters but I knew comparisons would be made. Mallika and Jacky both brought their distinct styles to the film, I brought mine. It had to be bigger, better and hotter.

How were your equations with your costars from the film, Randeep and Aditi?
Aditi Rao Hydari is a lovely girl, we didn’t have many scenes together but my interaction with her has always been pleasant. Randeep  Hooda is a friend. From day 1 he was warm, and helpful. We have great chemistry which shows on screen. He is a phenomenal actor

After Murder 3, what is keeping you busy?
The response has been great so far, the film is just about releasing and just with the first look the buzz has been great. I now have a team that is already looking into endorsement inquiries , and scripts . The next film I sign has to be even better than Murder 3 so I am going to be very patient and careful with that decision.

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