Meet the characters who make Shor In The City

Tusshar Kapoor Shor In The City Movie Poster

Tusshar Kapoor is a wheeler, a bootlegger with principles who believes in doing his job right. He hangs out with his buddies Mandook and Ramesh, who are forever pushing him into one scam after another. Lately though, he is not a hundred percent with his buddies. He now has a responsibility to his new bride Sapna. Around this time he finds a book from his own printing press, ‘The Alchemist’, which changes his perspective on life. Suddenly, he finds new meaning to life and feels the need to lead a more worthwhile life. Though not so soon. Ramesh and Mandook force him into one last job for the sake of their friendship that may well be life-threatening.

Sendhil Ramamurthy Shor In The City Movie Poster

NRI Sendhil Ramamurthy (Abhay) is in Mumbai to set up a non-profit enterprise and to see whether he can make the city his home. But he soon clashes with unsavoury goons demanding protection money for is business. He seeks refuge in Shalmili a long legged model he runs into at a club and she makes the city come alive for him as he discovers it through her eyes.

Girija Oak, Sundeep Kishan Shor In The City Movie Poster

Sundeep Kishan (Sawan) can’t wait to play cricket officially and marry (Girija Oak) Sejal, the love of his life. Now he needs to bribe the selectors so that he can get both. But where will he get the money from?

Radhika Apte Shor In The City Movie Poster

Newly wedded Radhika Apte (Sapna) must make her husband choose between right and wrong.

Nikhil Dwivedi Shor In The City Movie Poster

The mysterious Nikhil Dwivedi (Ramesh) is a scamster with no plan in life and who takes each day as it comes. He strikes the middle ground between Tilak and Mandook.

Pitobash Tripathi (Mandook) lives for one rollercoaster scam ride after another. He has no conscience and makes every opportunity work to his advantage.

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