Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar

Legendary actor Manoj Kumar will file a lawsuit against director Farah Khan, producer Shah Rukh Khan and Eros International against their 2007 hit film Om Shanti Om to seek damages for releasing the film in Japan without omitting certain scenes apparently demeaning him, showing him in a poor light.


The film executed an offensive spoof on the legendary actor which didn’t go well with him. Om Shanti Om, which had Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role and worked as the debut vehicle of leading actress Deepika Padukone, had previously faced court orders following a suit filed by Manoj Kumar. Now again, both Eros International and Shah Rukh Khan is in trouble for repeating the same by releasing the unedited film in Japan.

Manoj Kumar issued a public statement to a leading daily that the film was released in Japan without deleting those scenes. He said that he had forgiven them twice but not this time.

The makers were asked by the court, in 2008, to delete those scenes forever and from all prints and broadcast material.

Manoj Kumar will file civil and criminal proceedings against the producers (Shah Rukh Khan and Eros International) for seeking damages to the tune of Rs 100 crore for showing Om Shanti Om in Japan without removing objectionable scenes as ordered by Mumbai civil court in 2008.

Earlier Manoj Kumar had incurred a court order stating the film to be edited adequately before satellite screening hence this might be seen as a case of contempt of court! Both Red Chillies and Eros continuously dodged media calls to answer on this.




  1. Srk is only actor in India who always try to insult others.
    He doesn’t have respect towards seniours & old actors.
    He everytime did it at award shows & in films.
    He insulted honourable people like Manoj Kumar,Sunil Gavskar,Aasha Bhosle etc.
    I think banning him at Wankhede is best dicision taken by MCA & such actions should be taken at right time to show him his real place.

      • Look’s like you really want to fight with me….don’t bark too much.Your are not owner of Koimoi…atleast SRK has never killed anyone like sallu nor insulted anyone like Aamir.Don’t mess with me…..

  2. Ok.Now Manoj Kumar wants to earn Rs 100 crores.
    Hmm smart way to earn this Manojsh Kumar Shaabh ( in his tone style with lip and half face covered).


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