The Abhishek Bachchan – Aishwarya Rai starrer Raavan could not be released in Bihar today (June 18). A dispute over financial matters between the film’s worldwide distributors, Reliance Big Pictures and the film’s local distributor, Gopal Bhartiya is said to be the reason.


Trade reports have it that Reliance Big Pictures had given the Ash-Abhishek starrer to Bhartiya for releasing in Bihar against an advance payment of Rs. 25 lakhs. After Bhartiya deposited the advance with Reliance Big, the latter demanded a further deposit of Rs. 5 lakhs. When Gopal Bhartiya obliged, company made an additional demand of Rs. 10 lakhs which he refused to pay. Following this Reliance Big Pictures did not give him permission to release the movie in his circuit.

It is very unusual for a big film like Raavan to not release simultaneously in each circuit of India.




  1. I have always wondered how the film critics go about their business. After the release of Ravana, I was wondering about the battering that Mani Ratnam has been getting. Has he really lost his touch!

    I was struck by the ethereal presentation of Aiswarya at first glance. The priya mani episode put me off and the blatant references to Ramayana were so gauche that I started wondering why I paid Rs.120/- for this movie.

    On second thoughts, I came to realize that Raghini is a determined and straight forward person, who loves her husband and believed that he would come for her.

    Veera is brazen criminal, for whom killing and being anti-social is adventurous. Ragini makes him think about the other sort of life he can have.

    Veera is not hard hearted, but taking a life does not mean much to him. When Ragini dares him and jumps off the cliff, he realizes that she has no fear of death and that puts a break on his adrenalin rushing. He is puzzled and later comes to admire his quality of ragini.

    Dev throughout is only concerned about his duty, ragini is also a means to an end and he has no qualms in using her. Veera initially uses her to entice Dev when he comes to appreciate her strength, he places her needs above his. Dev is not so thoughtful. Ragini also begins to admire veera and Dev’s fall from grace is so swift from her point of view. It breaks her heart. Aiswarya has brought out the vulnerability and steadfastness very well.

    Rama placed the needs of others above his and allowed Seetha to be taken away only because Ravana’s end was to be at his hands. Rama never considers Seetha’s emotions. Ravana is enamoured by Seetha but wants her to accept him before he can have her. He demands her affection and feels that she will fall for him. Here Veera is thoughtful and cares about her needs.

    I think the flaw here has been that we cannot accept Ravana as a hero and Ram as a villan. That is what Ravana has attempted to do.

    The screen play and dialogues could have been more explicit about what each character was and why. It is disjointed and some scenes are so passe’ that we start squirming in our seats. The characters are complex and so we need a little more detail to get the picture.

    Ragini is a woman who leads life on her own terms and is honest- far from the everyday heroines and even “seethe” as we generally understand.


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