The Abhishek Bachchan – Aishwarya Rai starrer Raavan could not be released in Bihar today (June 18). A dispute over financial matters between the film’s worldwide distributors, Reliance Big Pictures and the film’s local distributor, Gopal Bhartiya is said to be the reason.

Trade reports have it that Reliance Big Pictures had given the Ash-Abhishek starrer to Bhartiya for releasing in Bihar against an advance payment of Rs. 25 lakhs. After Bhartiya deposited the advance with Reliance Big, the latter demanded a further deposit of Rs. 5 lakhs. When Gopal Bhartiya obliged, company made an additional demand of Rs. 10 lakhs which he refused to pay. Following this Reliance Big Pictures did not give him permission to release the movie in his circuit.

It is very unusual for a big film like Raavan to not release simultaneously in each circuit of India.

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