Mallika Sherawat in an itsy-bitsy top and a mini skirt – Now that could be any man’s fantasty come alive, more so when the ‘act’ stays on for an entire song! This pretty much seems like an endeavour of ‘Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli‘ [KLPD] makers who went ahead and created an entire song featuring Mallika Sherawat as the central attraction while aptly titling it ‘Dhishkiyaon‘.

Mallika Sherawat and Vivek Oberoi (Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli KLPD Movie Poster)
Mallika Sherawat and Vivek Oberoi (Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli KLPD Movie Poster)


“When you have someone as gorgeous as Mallika Sherawat playing a naughty lead in your film, it is imperative that she gets sizzling in a song. With Vivek Oberoi getting it perfectly right as ‘Dilli ka munda‘, the stage was set for us. Of course we didn’t want to go through the usual ‘item number’ route. After all, there have been many in the past and there would be quite a few in future as well”, says Sanjay Khanduri who made his directorial debut with ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local‘.

In fact so enthusiastic was Amit Chandra with the final outcome of ‘Dhishkiyaon‘ that he pronto decided to not just use it as a main peg for the music promotion kick-start but also unveiled a poster that details not just the stills from the song but even trivia attached to it.

“I guess this is the first time someone has taken an initiative like this”, says Amit who started his Bollywood foray as a producer with ‘Karthik Calling Karthik‘, “For our film, the idea was to showcase the chemistry of Vivek and Mallika in Delhi milieu and fortunately we have managed to do that with ‘Dhishkiyaon’.”

While the new poster design of KLPD says it all, here is some trivia attached to the film:

– The song which is set in Delhi, was shot on a set in Mumbai where an entire set up of streets was created to look like Delhi, including getting Delhi Autos.

– During the sequence where Mallika and Vivek are leaning out of the auto, the auto drover got so distracted by how gorgeous Mallika was looking that he almost banged the auto into a pole twice. Post many retakes, Mallika decided to speak to him and put him at ease so that the shoot could be taken peacefully.

– Vivek being a true and thorough actor, not only followed all instructions by Brinda Master and rehearsed hard for this song, he also added some quirks of ‘Tharki Lucky‘ to the song to make it more fun, which is seen in the video.

– While shooting the song, it became so popular that assistant directors from all other sets around would come and hang out on the sets of ‘Kismet (Kismat) Love Paisa Dilli‘ just to hear the song.




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