Star-secretary Rikku aias Rakesh Nath is quoted in a newspaper as saying that Madhuri Dixit would act in a film provided she got her price of Rs. 5 crore. If true, Madhuri and Rikku seem to be far removed from reality because it seems an impossibility that anyone would pay a 40-plus  actress that kind of money. To add to the unlikelihood, Madhuri’s comeback film, Aaja Nachle, was a box-office bomb. Frankly, if Madhuri or her secretary feel, actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif command Rs. 5 crore per film, they are grossly mistaken because none of them has ever got paid that kind of a fee. And if young and saleable actresses like the above named have not been able to command remunerations of Rs. 5 crore, it would be foolhardiness to expect that a producer would pay that amount to an actress who is well past her prime.

Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit
When a young and saleable actresses like Katrina Kaif cannot command Rs. 5 crore per film, then why would producers entertain Madhuri Dixit if she demanded Rs. 5 crore?


By Rikku’s logic, exsuperstar Amitabh Bachchan should be demanding Rs. 20 crore because Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan get that much for a film. But one hasn’t heard of such ridiculous demands by Bachchan. Then, why would producers entertain Madhuri Dixit if she demanded Rs. 5 crore? Both, Rikku and Madhuri need to become more realistic.




  1. whether madhuri needs a reality check or not but you certainly need your head checked. its madhuri we are talking about.she can deliver what nobody else can. her comeback film bombed not because of her but because of the script.she atleast pulled in enough people to do a decent bussiness. if it wasnt for the budget of the film, the film might have been declared profitable. how much audience did salman pull in for main and mrs khanna? what about tees mar khan? didnt salman’s and akshay’s film bomb? did you then write such pathetic articles complaining about their respective remuneration? she has the very right to demand whatever she deems fit. who are you to object. if producers really want her, they would consent to that. if not, they will move to someone affordable. whats your problem with it. why are you creating a fuss.

  2. absolutly right novida
    these reporters nowadays need a mental checkup
    they are trying to cr8 an issue on many sites

  3. I agree with Novida. Madhuri has the charm and what she can deliver at this age, no one else can even in their teens. She has full right and worth to ask for such an amount. Can’t everyone just see from JDJ’s success what wonders Madhuri can create. I am waiting for Madhuri’s next movie and so is the nation…………….


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