5 Times Bollywood Miserably Failed At Making Sci-Fi Films
Love Story 2050, Action Replayy, Taarzan: The Wonder Car: Bollywood’s Failed Attempt At Making The ‘Best’ Sci-Fi Films(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Hindi film industry, popularly known as Bollywood, has come a long way in understanding the bifurcation of genres. While romance, suspense, crime and thrillers have forever foreshadowed the filmographies, one genre that the filmmaker sometimes have dared to try their hands on is Sci-Fi dramas, and well, have failed more than being successful.


Now I am not ignoring the hard work that has gone into making these films, but if you give me a superhero-ish Abhishek Bachchan fighting some mythical men in a golden embroidered sherwani like a samurai in the name of the genre-bending film, how can you even expect seriousness from me?


While there have been some good examples of Sci-fi films in Bollywood, many have set wrong standards, and were firm at proving their points so strong, that they were so bad that they were good. Today I list down some “iconic” movies that in the disguise of an intellectual marvel, gave us cringe in abundance.


I am pretty sure even the cast members of this Bollywood sci-fi, including Priyanka Chopra Jonas, must be thinking about the possible reasons they did Love Story 2050. There was clearly too much in here. An attempt to mix reincarnation and love with robots and technology, Priyanka’s red hair, Harman Baweja’s claim to be the next Hrithik Roshan, and well, a teddy Bear robot named Boo. And top of all, I was fascinated by this one as a 12-year-old, I plead guilty.


This my friends, has by far shocked me the most. Why on Earth would actor Naseeruddin Shah out of everyone on this planet decide to do a film as oblivion and pointless as Sona Spa? Director Makarand Deshpande convinced him maybe. If you haven’t slept sound for years, don’t take refuge under pills and alcohol, but come to Sona Spa. Then? Designated girls will fall asleep on your behalf. Now they suddenly are data points and not humans. They can access your dreams and nightmares. I made it sound interesting! Well, don’t believe me, please.


It has a confused Aftab Shivdasani, a glamorously afraid Bipasha Basu, and human clones! What? Apparently, in this Bollywood saga, Aftab is a scientist who is creating a clone, and he is hell-bent to do it. When the clone comes alive it turns out to be evil, and you can write the script by yourself once you have seen it so far. Shape your own climax to it, I would say.


We all have been guilty of enjoying this Bollywood movie Taarzan: The Wonder Car, at some point. They made us believe that a car can squeeze itself to toy size and pass from beneath a moving truck. The worst part is we believed! And why is Vatsal Sheth so bad at catching hints poor Ayesha Takia continuously dropped? Okay, the car of future was the same car that the badmen killed Ajay Devgn in, futuristic enough?


Someone actually convinced Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Aditya Roy Kapoor to sign this Bollywood film. Aditya travels back in time to 1975 to save his mom dad’s failing marriage with the help of his girlfriend’s father, who is a, take a guess, scientist. Everything aside, I even forgive the shady wigs, but why were Aish and Akshay from the 1975 not bothered by a man elder to them suddenly interfering in their lives and addressing them as mom and dad? I am not even talking about the Sci-fi part here.

Now I know there are a few good ones too, and I will talk about them in my next piece. Till then, enjoy these cringe gems!

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