Arjun Rampal in a still from Chakravyuh Movie
Arjun Rampal in a still from Chakravyuh Movie

Arjun Rampal is turning serious and that too in more ways than just one. While he seems to be making just the right choices while being ultra serious about his career, one look at his choice of films and one can see that not just are most of them with directors of repute, they also require him to don a rather serious avtar. Films with Prakash Jha, Sudhir Mishra and Madhur Bhandarkar are pretty much a testimony to that.

No wonder, one can see that even these filmmakers have discovered a new Arjun and are picking and choosing him for all important roles.

“Well, I think so”, smiles Arjun, “I think all these directors too have noticed that I wish to push the envelope. There is an element of surprise that I wish to offer to my directors. Now I can’t do that when the subject itself is ordinary or mediocre but the kind of films that these makers have brought before me are good enough to allow me that leverage.”

Something similar was pretty much in the offering for ‘Heroine’ as well where he agreed to work in the Madhur Bhandarkar directed affair despite knowing from the very beginning that it would be basically focused on Kareena Kapoor.

“But you saw that I was there in the film form start till the end”, smiles Arjum “See, to begin with I was apprehensive since the film was about a heroine. Still, Madhur was sure that I would fit in very well. Also, I wanted to work with him for a really long time and I am happy to have done the film. I think my part of a superstar who was Kareena’s love came across very nicely.”

From Kareena Kapoor, Arjun has moved to Esha Gupta now and his love making sequence with her is finding some mileage as well. However, in the film’s context where Naxals and cops are filling the frames and a socio-political statement is being made, does he really feel that his love making sequence fits in well?

“Esha isn’t playing an ordinary housewife in the film, she too is a cop and hence her contribution is much more than just a love making scene. Moreover, the scene comes at that point in the film when my character is down and hurt and feels that everything and everyone is going against him. It is there for a reason and not titillation”, reasons Arjun.

A conversation with him cannot conclude before he shares his plans about the Formula One event parties. “Oh yes, they would indeed be ultra special. The parties would be the one to watch out for. They would be as ‘happening’ as they get. Stay tuned for something truly memorable”, promises Arjun before signing off.

We sure do, especially in your films ahead as well, what with Inkaar, D-Day and Satyagraha all set to arrive in 2013

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