This October a new sensational murder mystery is gonna hit the screens titled  Kya Tum.


Made by Ratnesh Roop under the banner of Filmi Fukrey Entertainment and Pradhan Productions, the film is directed by Pappu Pradhan.

The star cast is Tripti Parmar Rajput, Ranjesh Singh, Dharmendra Goswami and Mahesh bansode.

This October Get Ready For A New Sensational Murder Mystery
Kya Tum: This October Get Ready For A New Sensational Murder Mystery!

The film is basically a murder mystery with elements of thrill in every shot frame and also speaks about the way the murders are happening in today’s time.

The story is set in Mumbai city. Incidents related to killing of women, girls are happening every other day, yet the law can’t catch the culprit.


Being set in Mumbai the film deals with a lot of issues about every aspect of women and girls who some way or the other gets trapped in different problems.

The movie promises an entertainment with an edge of a seat thriller. Being a bollywood movie, there are lot of movies which are made in the same genre but this has grabbed the attention of the viewers right from the posters itself. The actors associated with the film also made sure that they give their best in each frame and elements of dark shades can be clearly seen in the posters.

Music will play a very crucial role in the film as every song is picturized at beautiful locations with a sense of connect to the film. Music is given by Avik Chatterjee film and the film has three romantic songs sung by Indrani Gupta, Aavesh Shrivastava and Avik Chatterjee.

The movie is slated to release on 26th October and promises the viewers a sure shot entertainment.



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