'Koi Saath Hai' To Release On 16th October Post Cinema Halls Open Following Social-Distancing Guidelines
‘Koi Saath Hai’ To Release On 16th October Post Cinema Halls Open Following Social-Distancing Guidelines

Many industries all over the world have suffered because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and Bollywood is no different. An upcoming film Koi Saath Hai is waiting for its release post everything settles down. Cinema halls haven’t seen a release for a few months now, and people associated with the business have been attempting to find a solution to the problem.

Owing to the current situation, many big-budget films have made money by getting released on OTT platforms. However, smaller films are facing the brunt. Regarding which Mahavir Shringi, a director of Koi Saath Hai hailing from Rajasthan, informs that while filmmakers have started shooting in Mumbai, they are still uncertain about the release date. He is expecting the theatre business to resume after September following the social distancing guidelines.



He said, “Koi Saath Hai is releasing on 16 October. I would not like to release the film on any OTT platform. The big screen experience is just something else. If such big films continue to be release on OTT, I believe the business of small budget films will be greatly affected. Do you understand yourself, these OTT forums do not have censor boards, there is no rule of law, people are serving anything indiscriminately. “

Shringi further added, “Cinema also has a scope, its viewers are of all ages, no matter how good the message is, but what is seen in cinema is it right for those ages? Is it not adversely affecting the minds of children? I am just waiting with the expectation that the cinema halls will reopen and people will enjoy films on the big screen again.”

The director continued, “That is why I have a release date of 16th October. My film is shot in Rajasthan, and it will be a different place when people see my film on the big screen.”

This is a horror movie which is also a significant trend nowadays. Directed and produced by Mahavir Shringi, the film features Priya Tiwari, Neet Mahal, Rajesh Dubey and Asma Syed.

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