Katrina Kaif kitni petty ho gayi hai. Since bechari ki koi film nahi aa rahi hai till December, her idle mind has poori tarah se become shaitan ka workshop yaar! Even when she was with Salman uski and Malaika Arora ki cold-war was famous lekin ab jab unlogo ko nicey-nicey hona isn’t mandatory, tab toh the Sheila-Munni fight has simply gone boundless!

katrina Kaif And Malaika Arora Khan
katrina Kaif And Malaika Arora Khan


Apparently Katrina ne Malaika ke peeth peeche uske new website ‘The Closet Label’ ka mazak udaya. Saying that Malaika ki site is a full-on copy of a popular international site named Asos, she made Malaika look like a copy cat in front of people. Pata nahin but Katrina always give me the feeling that she thinks no end of herself. Ab Barbie Warbie uske naam pe banta hai, toh khud ko zyada sochegi hi.

Anyway I suggest Katrina takes a accha wala look at Malaika’s site. It is quite a accha shopping destination, infact maine khud bhi waha se kapde kharidwae hai. Malaika se graceful hona sikho. Pata hai what she said when she heard of your snidey remarks, she said it’s a compliment that you think her site is like Asos! Just coz your relationship with Salman is over you have no right to disrespect uski Bhabhi! Don’t Act Like an attention seeking Brat!

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)

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  1. Well Said. Gossip Aunty
    Seriously Katrina Thinks she is the only actress in Bollywood who is beautiful But sorry miss katrina I think u r the worst and Expressionless actress I have ever Seen.. No any expressions while talking, dancing, or acting when she dance she only looks towards camera and only Blinks her eyes. Firangi actress pata nhn kyun logon ne sar pe charha rakha hai. Even Malaika Arora is Crores Time better than Katrina..
    PS: KOIMOI now plz dont delete my comment Most of the times my comments get deleted bcs I write what I feel abt the actors. If u delete this one then u r a big chaploos of Expressionless Katrina..


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