Does Katrina Kaif prefer Shah Rukh Khan over Hrithik Roshan? It would seem so if one were to believe the B-town buzz that is doing the rounds. Apparently, Katrina Kaif has refused to work in Hrithik Roshan’s superhero film, Krissh 3, in spite of the fact that she was offered a complex role with shades of grey.

Katrina Kaif Prefers Shah Rukh Khan Over Hrithik Roshan?


What’s the reason behind Katrina’s stance? Well, Katrina is rather leaning towards her next project with Shah Rukh Khan that is being discussed right now. Sure, it is not a superhero film… but Katrina seems too excited to work with Shah Rukh Khan for the moment. Is it because Hrithik’s last two films, Kites and Guzaarish, failed to create wonders at the box-office? We don’t think so. We just think so. Maybe Katrina is too star-struck by SRK to let go of any opportunity to work with him.



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