“The Girl Who Tamed Tiger” – That’s what the latest digital poster of Katrina Kaif in Ek Tha Tiger says. To say the least, we are anything but excited with this poster.

Katrina Kaif In Ek Tha Tiger Poster
Katrina Kaif In Ek Tha Tiger Poster

Kat in a tank top? They could definitely do better!

Directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra, ETT also stars Salman Khan.

Katrina Kaif In Ek Tha Tiger Digital Poster

Ek Tha Tiger releases on Eid 2012.

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  1. maha bakwaas poster..nd the movie would be too..
    the trailer was so copied from so many hollywood movies
    the original poster of salman khan was copied from a video game..
    nd what do you expect from salman khan to bring something innovative nd original in his movies except masala stories( nothing else).
    Salman khan is a dumb guy..( who can not do acting)
    he stands no chance in front of Hollywood.
    Indian movies(especially salman khan movies ) are sucked and copied…he befools people for his dumb acting

    • u must me shahrukh khan fan and even his movies are copied from hollywood movie so dont even me started on that crap. for ex. ra.one was ripped off from iron man and a video game called infamous and even don 2 ws copied from hollywood movies. if u dnt like salman khan so and his movies dont watch them.

    • Raman u are the dumbest person i have ever meet on net; u are cursing the only indian actor who cares for audience’s entertainment tax! Let Bollywood be Bollywood, don’t try to make bollywood like hollywood; both has different indentity.. and let them be proud of their own identity.. both the film industries are world famous and they achieved this landmark by their own films and Salman Khan is one of the most lovable actor (undoubtedly) and thats why he is the biggest star of india; if he knows nothing people would not love him world-wide! I am from New Zealand and i like him too. At least Salman doesn’t copy other senior actors like Dilip Kumar or Amitabh Bachchan.. or he doesn’t remake their old films again in same Hindi language with same dialogues, same songs and with same drama..!! If Salman remakes films, he remakes it from other language to Hindi, which is new for Hindi audience because they have never seen the story before; and Salman doesn’t copy the songs and dialogues of thise films like his competetors do; and best of all.. Salman made remakes with original directors and he performed in those films with his own daredevil style, in acting he never copies others.. and public love him the way he presents his own style, own charming acting and entertaining performances. If u hate him.. it is your own personal opinion, don’t try to fool the public and don’t try to enforce your wrong thought into public and that also for a mega-star who is crazily loved by billions in the world.

  2. very nice poster. Sizzling luk of katrina. This movie is much awaited movie of salman khan. It will be a super blockbuster

  3. India has produced the greatest film makers and actors in the world.India is the largest producer of films in the world.Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan has a worldwide fan following of more than 3.2 billion.Bollywood films are screened in more than 50 countries today.People like raman may say anything about bollywood but that hardly makes a difference.As far as Salman Khan is concerned he is a superstar and the No.1 actor in India at present.Long live Bollywood.


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