Recently, the south actress Parvathy stunned us with her performance in her Bollywood debut, Qarib Qarib Singlle.

She was starred opposite Irfaan Khan in the film and she received a lot of praises for her debut film.

Kasaba Row: Parvathy Gets Rape & Death Threats For Speaking Against Mammootty
Kasaba Row: Parvathy Gets Rape & Death Threats For Speaking Against Mammootty

Parvathy is a popular name in down south and she has delivered some hit films too. But the actress is getting trolled on social media for her comments made against Mammootty’s film Kasaba at the International Film Festival Of Kerala. At the event, Parvathy started her speech without even mentioning anything about Kasaba.

She said that she was shocked by seeing a Malayalam superstar mouthing cringe-worthy and misogynistic lines in one of his films. Her colleague Geetu Mohandas, who was also present at the event, told Parvathy to take the film’s name. As soon she took Kasaba’s name, fans lost their cool and started abusing the actress on various social platforms.

Parvathy has been receiving several rape and death threats and no one from the industry including Mammootty has tried to shut the trollers down. After all, this happened, Parvathy took to her Twitter account and clarified her side of the story. She wrote, “I never criticised him. Simply expressed my disappointment in the movie. Thanks for being respectful in the way you put across the comment here. Very rare it seems here..”

She further also wrote, “Vanamala vannallo!!! #trolls Welcome welcome- please kindly take my words out of context, remind me that I’m “just a actress” and curse at me. Here’s to your sensitive chauvinistic blind hearts! ?Yours- that annoying feminist.” Adding to this, Parvathy tweeted and wrote, “This isn’t about curbing cinematic creativity. This is only about reassessing how negatives can be imitated in society. And therefore give it a better structure so we avoid glorification of violence and disrespect.”

All this drama has happened for what? Just because Parvathy voiced her opinion for a dialogue said by Mammootty in the film which is insulting a woman. The dialogue which has been said by the superstar is, “I will f**k you (his woman superior) so hard that you’d find it extremely difficult to walk. I will hurt you so badly that your menstrual cycle would go for a toss..” Well, the dialogue itself says it all.

Parvathy has been shutting the trollers by giving some befitting replies but it seems that these trolls won’t stop anytime soon until Mammootty himself comments on the same.

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